How To Choose A Roof: A Proven Approach To Do It Right

This article enlightens you on how to choose a roof that suits your building from the many options in the market.

When it comes to roofing solutions, there is a perfect match for each building.

Well, it’s not an easy task unless you are acquainted with various roofing solutions and the features to consider when comparing one option to another. So, let’s get started!

How to Choose a Roof That Suits Your Building

Every building aims to serve a particular purpose, and this determines its roofing system.

So, before you start searching and budgeting for your roof, ask yourself, what is the building intended for?

A roof for a residential property will be different from that of a health facility.

Look into the building’s plan and specifications.

For instance, if going green is part of the plan, you need to pick an option that accommodates such demands.

An overall understanding of your buildings’ structure and performance will ensure you choose a perfect roofing option.

Elements That Dictate Your Roof Choice

Where is the building located, and what roofing system would go well in such an area?

Various characteristics will influence your roof selection, such as weather, building regulations, topography, and the building’s size, design, and intended lifespan.

You also have to consider the infrastructure installed or to be fitted in the building, like the HVAC system.

Check the material used to build the structure to avoid picking a roof too heavy for your building. Get a roof designed for your building, and that can withstand any elements subjected to it.

What Roofing Membrane Should You Consider?

There are three categories of roofing membrane, i.e., thermoplastics, thermosets, and modified bitumen. So, choosing a roof membrane that suits your building doesn’t have to be cumbersome.

Various factors will determine the right roof membrane option for your building.

While many people base this choice on cost, this alone can lead to the wrong decision.

Thus, consider the building’s height, aesthetics, potential rooftop foot traffic, and wind exposure.

Also, ensure you factor in the attachment system for your roof membrane.

The sheathing should also withstand your roof’s weight.

Don’t Overlook Standardization-UL Label Is a Must

Do you want a quality roof? Go for a tested and certified roof.

Check for the UL label (Underwriters Label) to ascertain the certification.

A roof membrane that meets the building standards does not expose you to harmful toxins.

Is The Roof Warranted?

Many people pay more attention to the contractor’s warranty and overlook the manufacturer’s warranty.

These two warranties are vital.

So, before you order your roof, check what is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and for how long.

Pay attention to clauses that may make the warranty null and void.

Get the Perfect Roof Today

Whether it’s intended for replacement or new installation, understanding how to choose a roof remains a priority.

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